Mighty Flyff - Reborn

Welcome to Mighty Flyff Reborn.

This server is being prepared for a re-release this summer.
We made this decision to offer you the best possible FlyFF gameplay.

The re-release will include a character wipe, all accounts will still be there, donate points will also be refunded.

The current version of Mighty Flyff is still online, go check it out!

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Planned Features

We are still working on a lot of stuff, here's a quick overview of our progress and planned features.


We are now reworking dungeons & items at the moment. When that is done, Beta will be ready!

Our Goals

Our goals are to provide a long-term playability with recurring diversity of the gameplay aspects, while still maintaining the FlyFF feeling.

Although we plan to introduce a lof ot custom content, it will still be the game you love with a cherry on top!

We have a clear vision in mind to offer you Choices in character progression and creating your own adventure, be it in Player vs. Player or Farming.

Our Concept

We plan to overhaul itemization. This includes new item effects, more choice when it comes to equipment, new upgrade systems, many customization options.

You will be able to play the game just as YOU want it! There are no limits!